New and redesigned
Payout app

Lead product designer, full time
Mar 2019 – Dec 2019
Redesigning the existing payout app for Wirecard

Payout card solutions are part of the issuing portfolio at Wirecard. The payout solutions are highly flexible and can be customised to fit the needs of the user. These are used as employee benefit cards to sales incentive cards and more. The design and functions of the application had to fit all uses cases.


Design of the new payout application for iOS and Android was part of a bigger project which would include a redesign of the web application as well. Newer apps had to be designed to fit the Wirecard brand, which had undergone a redesign. We took this opportunity to include some new features including Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations, a unified registration flow, and to introduce biometric authentication into the payout app.

Problem/ Opportunity

Redesigning an application where a customer can manage his corporate credit card.

Key questions

How might we continue the Wirecard brand into a white-label application?

How might we keep the flexibility of an app but ensure a controlled experience?

How might we keep experience in the web application and mobile app the same?

Desk Research

Apart from the requirements which we had from the product management department. I also wanted to find out what were the other issues which our customers were facing with the existing product.

Call centre research. : Data was collected from our inhouse call centre in Leipzig, Germany.  A survey was conducted to among call centre employees to find out the most common issues faced by customers of payout.

Customer journey map

Based on the feedback received and effort in development the  prioritisation was done. Things like implementation of PSD 2 authentication had to be implemented because of legal requirements

App available in App Store and Play store